Help Whiten Your Teeth with These In-Office Options in Los Angeles, CA


Help Whiten Your Teeth with These In-Office Options in Los Angeles, CA

People can tell a lot from the shade of your teeth, including your age, state of oral health, and even your good and bad habits. And since everyone wants to look young and well groomed, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in dentistry.

The advancements in tooth care have made the treatment more comfortable, predictable, long-lasting and affordable for all people. Although there are many effective ways to whiten your teeth, they vary depending on the treatment time and frequency, type of stain that can be removed, and the level of whitening that can be achieved.

There are many different teeth whitening methods available:

Professionally Applied Bleaching Treatment:

With in office tooth whitening, the dentist applies a low concentration of bleach to the surface of your teeth using trays that fit snugly around your top and bottom teeth. After the in-office treatment, your dentist may give you some hydrogen peroxide gel and custom-made trays to continue your treatment at home for a specific period of time to maximize the teeth bleaching results.

Dentist-Prescribed Treatment:

Your dentist will provide you with a home whitening kit containing trays and granules that have been tailor-made for your teeth. Whitening at home is a gradual process, but starts to show color payoff in two weeks or so.

Which Option Is the Best?

It’s best to consult a dentist for a thorough examination of your teeth, so your treatment can be tailored to your unique needs. During your first appointment for professional teeth cleaning, your dentist will examine your teeth carefully, review your oral health history, and then determine whether bleaching is right for you. Please visit your dentist today to discuss your teeth whitening goals and smile concerns.


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